The top 10 famous foods in Goa: the culinary delights of the state

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Goa, a destination situated along the western coast of India, is famous for its breathtaking beaches, lively culture and fascinating history.

What truly makes Goa stand out is its mouthwatering cuisine, a harmonious blend of Indian, Portuguese and Konkani flavors. From seafood to curries and indulgent desserts, a culinary tour of Goa offers something to please every taste bud.

In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through the top 10 foods in Goa and recommend the best restaurants where you can savor them.

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1. Fish Curry Rice (Xitt Kodi)

One dish that epitomizes Goan cuisine is Fish Curry Rice, locally known as Xitt Kodi. It’s a combination of fish curry served alongside steamed rice.

The curry is prepared with coconut milk, tamarind and an array of spices that lend a flavor profile. To enhance the taste, the fish is marinated with a pinch of turmeric and salt to absorb all the flavors from the curry.

When it comes to experiencing Fish Curry Rice at its finest in Goa, there are establishments renowned for their exceptional preparations.

Here are a few places where you can indulge in the Goan classic.

Gunpowder: Located in Assagao, Gunpowder is renowned for its Goan flavors, and its Fish Curry Rice is worth trying.

Vinayak Family Restaurant: Situated in Anjuna, this restaurant offers Goan cuisine, including exceptional Fish Curry Rice.

Suzies: Found in Calangute, Suzies is another spot among locals and tourists. It is known for serving Fish Curry Rice.

2. Vindaloo

Regarding the best food tour in Goa, one dish that consistently stands out due to its flavors and fascinating history is Vindaloo. Though this dish has gained popularity worldwide, experiencing a version of Vindaloo in its birthplace, Goa, offers a unique culinary adventure.

The name “Vindaloo” has origins rooted in history. It is believed to be derived from the dish “Carne de Vinha d’Alhos,” which translates to “meat with wine and garlic.”


Vindaloo, a tangy pork or beef preparation, pays homage to Goa’s heritage. The meat undergoes marination with vinegar, garlic and spices before being slow-cooked to perfection.

It is a must-try for those who appreciate vibrant flavors. While pork and beef have traditionally been the go-to options for Vindaloo, variations featuring chicken, lamb and vegetarian alternatives, like paneer or mushrooms, have increased.

Is Vindaloo a healthy dish?

Vindaloo can be part of a healthy diet when prepared with lean proteins, limited oil, and plenty of vegetables. However, it’s essential to be mindful of portion sizes and spice levels, as individual tolerance varies.

3. Sorpotel

Sorpotel is one of the top famous foods in Goa with influences. It consists of pork and liver cooked in a tangy sauce. Sorpotel’s unique taste comes from using vinegar, Goan chillies and aromatic spices.

Traditionally, it is served with sannas steamed rice cakes made from rice and coconut. The combination of the tangy Sorpotel with the sweet and fluffy sannas creates a perfect balance of flavors.


Sorpotel goes beyond being a dish; it represents Goa’s culinary heritage. It is particularly cherished during occasions and celebrations like weddings, festivals and family gatherings. This dish showcases the influence of cuisine in Goa while remaining an adored part of Goan traditions.

4. Bebinca

Bebinca stands as the dessert in Goa crafted with utmost dedication. This delectable layered pudding comprises coconut milk, sugar and egg yolks, resulting in a treat with a granular texture. It is commonly savored during festivities and occasions.


The traditional method of baking Bebinca involves a time-consuming process of layering the ingredients and cooking them individually. Each layer is carefully poured, allowed to set, and baked until it achieves a hue.

The dessert can consist of seven to sixteen layers, showcasing its complexity as it takes shape.

5. Rava Fried Fish

Goa’s coastal region offers an abundance of seafood, and one of the ways to relish it is by indulging in Rava Fried Fish.

In this preparation, fish fillets are coated with a semolina (rava) blend and shallow fried until they turn crispy and golden. The outcome is a snack or main course that bursts with flavors and satisfies your craving for crunchiness.

Rava Fried Fish

Rava Fried Fish is customarily served piping straight from the frying pan. It often accompanies slices of lemon or lime that can be squeezed over the fillets to enhance their flavors. Some diners enjoy pairing it with chutney or a slice of Goan bread (pao) to create a satisfying meal.

6. Prawn Balchao

Prawn Balchao is a pickle from Goa that combines prawns, vinegar and an aromatic blend of spices.

It offers an explosion of flavors where the tanginess of vinegar perfectly balances the spiciness. “Balchao” originates from the Konkani word “bala,” which means shrimp or prawns. This dish showcases the influence of Goan cuisine by combining vinegar and spices in a truly Goan manner.

Prawn Balchao

Typically served as a side dish alongside rice or bread, Prawn Balchao adds flavors to elevate the dining experience.

7. Feni

Your Goa trip won’t be completed without tasting Feni, one of the top famous foods in Goa.

Feni is distilled either from cashew apples or coconut sap. This spirit comes in two varieties: cashew Feni and coconut Feni. Whether you prefer sipping it, mixing it into cocktails or enjoying it with some soda, Feni promises an unforgettable experience.

Cashew Feni is made by extracting juice from cashew apples, while Coconut Feni is created by collecting sap from the inflorescence of the coconut palm. The process of extraction requires a lot of labor.

This special liquor has a history that goes back centuries. It is believed to have been distilled by the settlers in Goa, who introduced distillation techniques to the region.

“Feni” comes from the Konkani word “fen,” which means froth, referring to the bubbly foam that forms during fermentation.

People often enjoy Feni as it is served in glasses without any additions. However, some prefer diluting its strength by adding a soda or tonic water splash. Additionally, it can be used as a base in cocktails, giving a twist to drinks.

8. Chicken Xacuti

Chicken Xacuti is a curry that tantalizes the taste buds with its blend of spices, coconut and poppy seeds. It pairs perfectly with pao or steamed rice, making it a delightful meal choice.

Chicken Xacuti

The name “Xacuti” is said to have originated from the word “chacuti,” which refers to a dish of chicken or meat cooked in a spicy sauce. This dish combines Portuguese influences, resulting in a dining experience you won’t forget.

9. Sannas

Sannas are slightly sweet rice cakes that complement Goan curries. Made from rice, coconut and toddy (palm wine), these steamed delicacies offer a flavor and texture worth exploring.


When dining at Vinayak Family Restaurant, Gunpowder or Suzies, don’t miss the opportunity to try them.

10. Bibinca Ice Cream

For a modern twist on a traditional Goan dessert, try the Bibinca ice cream. This creamy treat skillfully blends the flavors of Bebinca with the luxuriousness of ice cream for a dessert that feels both familiar and innovative.

Bibinca Ice Cream

Whether strolling along Goa’s beaches or exploring its streets, savoring a scoop of Bebinca ice cream promises a sweet and unforgettable way to delight in the region’s unique culinary wonders.


The culinary scene in Goa is truly a blend of flavors and influences that have developed over centuries.

Whether you enjoy seafood spices or have a fondness for sweets, Goan cuisine offers something that will undoubtedly leave you wanting more.

To fully indulge in the Goan dishes, make sure to visit Vinayak Family Restaurant, Gunpowder and Suzies. These places prepare the above-mentioned top famous foods in Goa with love and authenticity, promising an unforgettable gastronomic adventure in this coastal paradise.

So bring along your appetite, and prepare yourself for a journey through the captivating flavors of Goa!

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What is the famous food of Goa in veg?

You can get some of the vegetarian dishes in Goa, like,

  • Moogachi Usali
  • Suran Fodi
  • Green Peas Stir Fry
  • Moringa Leaves Stir Fry With Jackfruit Seeds
  • Breadfruit Subzi
  • Ripe Jackfruit Cake

Which part of Goa is best for food?

Goa, a popular tourist destination in India, offers a diverse culinary scene, with delicious food options scattered throughout the region. While preferences can vary, here are some areas in North Goa known for their excellent food:

Candolim, Calangute, and Baga: These beachside areas are filled with restaurants and shacks offering a variety of cuisines, including seafood, Goan, and international dishes.

Anjuna and Vagator: Known for their vibrant nightlife, these areas have numerous restaurants and cafes offering a mix of Indian and international flavors.

Mapusa: Visit the Friday Market in Mapusa to savor traditional Goan street food and snacks.

Where do celebrities eat in Goa?

Popular eateries and restaurants where you can spot celebrities including,

  • Antares Restaurant & Beach Club
  • Gunpowder
  • Cavatina
  • Martin’s Corner
  • Morisco Restaurant
  • Olive Bar & Kitchen
  • Hammerrz Nightclub
  • Thalassa